This science allows the diviner to pick up images, feelings, words and sounds by touching or holding an object that was worn or handled by the owner or had some emotional attachment to the owner. In my workshops, I suggest choosing a ring, car keys or glasses to read when practising this technique. Metal, as the most favorable conductor of energy, is normally easier to divine.

How does psychometry work? As spiritual, vibrating beings in physical bodies, we leave an imprint of our energy wherever we go. I call this energy “residue.” The clothes and jewelry we wear and the things we touch are all left with a residue. Ninety-nine per cent of my students in my workshops, psychic or intuitive, have been able to receive at least some information from doing psychometry.

In Aaagh! I Think I’m Psychic, I chronicle one of my own successful experiences with psychometry where the police called later to confirm that my “vision” had been correct. Psychometry is a useful tool for psychics who are looking for missing people or lost articles.