2008 is the year of new beginnings and preparation as we prepare for the 5th world or dimensional shift and the 2012 earth reconfiguration. Quantum Physics is now beginning to address the possibilities that the Science of Yoga has known about for 8,000 years. Healing within all bodies of the multi-dimensional self is critical and essential during the many changes of frequency and consciousness we have been experiencing this past year. These increases in vibration will continue to amplify at an extraordinary pace in 2008.

In my New World Integration Process, I offer a unique approach to cleanse these cycles through a three-step practice; activation, integration and realignment which then attunes the essential elements of the soul body—or Merkaba in the Ancient Traditions of the Mystery Schools. The process includes the clearing of all seals and implants encased within the auric fields of all humans which is essential to the acceleration and switching on of the encodements in the Junk DNA. Once this clearing has taken place, the 12 strand helix can begin to reignite the crystalline base light body many of the Ancient Traditions expressed as the” Enlightenment of the Soul.” The New World Integration Process is gentle and highly effective and can be done over the phone or in person. For more information visit the website; http://www.newworldintegrations.com/

Natasha J. Rosewood is an international Psychic Mind Coach, Spiritual Healer, Workshop Facilitator, TV and Radio Personality, and Author of Aaagh! I Think I’m Psychic (And You Can Be Too). For more information on private, group and phone consultations, articles, speaking engagements, workshop events. Visit http://www.natashapsychic.com/