Natasha J. Rosewood

“I don’t know what you’re on, Natasha, but every time I see you, you look younger and younger!”

This lovely message came from a client. Nice, I thought, it’s working.

What is “it?” Well, I like to call it energy wellness.

We can fool some people some of the time, perhaps with a new hairdo, a facelift or a smile but the stories we tell ourselves, our biographies, do become our biology. How we truly think and feel on the inside does manifest on the outside.

Quite a few years ago, I cared for a good friend just after her $10,000 surgical face lift. While changing the bloodied dressings on her raw skin—and fighting my own nausea— I asked her, “Why?”

“To have more confidence,” she replied.

But even when her face—which looked as if it had been run over by a train and then beaten up with a two by four—hopefully healed into something more beautiful, what would heal her mind and soul?

Having smoother skin and visible eyelids once again gave my friend more confidence in the short term; but her old story manifested itself in a way that could not be scraped away. She had a big issue with forgiveness, or rather unforgivingness. I had begged her to release her bitterness or, I warned her, that toxicity would eventually cause illness. Five years later, as if on cue, she succumbed to an autoimmune disorder.

The good news is that without costing any more than many of us are currently spending on groceries—and possibly even less—there are ways to heal soul, mind and body, so we can feel good, sleep like babies, be younger and have lots more energy.

Here are just a few of my Energy Wellness Tips for feeling good:


* Do what you love. Make time every day or week for your passion. Even if you only have minutes to dance, write sing or paint (while cooking dinner!) begin it. Come alive!

* Decide to break through fears, small ones first. Know that you are in charge of your mind. Fears are mainly a figment of your imagination. En-Courage your dream!

* Forgive (or give compassion to) yourself and others who by being human and making mistakes have hurt you. No need to invite them over for Sunday tea. Wish them well and send them on their way. But you are now free to be happy.


* Rewrite the movie of your life; past, present and future. Choose what you, the star, need to feel good for this move of your life. What you focus on expands and becomes reality.

* Laugh a lot. Increase your energy frequency to allow more joy. What you think of consciously and unconsciously is magnetic!

* Change adversities into gifts of learning. We attract what we need to learn. Bless your perceived enemies as your greatest teachers. They will appear and when they do, feel good knowing that we attract the problem so we can grow into our greater self. It’s all good.


* Feed your body with great nutrition—as opposed to just stale, processed groceries, sugars, sodium and anything “white.” Take advantage of the nutrition that is now being offered. (Lorne and I LOVE Monavie, a superfood juice we drink daily.) As nutrition is a complicated balancing act, we are grateful that Monavie have done the research for us. We feel soooo good; we are making it available through my other website www. NatashaRosewood/mymonavie.com. Monavie shakes, juices and bars are delicious and contain all the organic fruits, vegetables and other nutrition our bodies need in a day. We feel great, sleep much better, have more energy and our aches and pains have disappeared. Bionic Energy Bands for more energy, sleeping and grounding will also shortly be available on www.natashapsychic.com. Feeding your brain also lifts the spirits! With what is available on the market these days, there is no need to be over-medicated grumpy, sick, tired, depressed insomniacs on uppers and downers any more. When we replace processed empty calories with real food, our bodies say Ah, thank you!

* Make moving fun! Many of us groan at the word “exercise” but we all know that the body needs to keep moving! Energy works in spirals so if you are serious about feeling good, ensure that your spiral is moving . . . upwards. Working this amazing machine we call a body can be a relationship-building, fun challenge, exciting, social and/or a relaxing event. Begin something and then challenge yourself to get better, fitter, stronger, and healthier. If you can’t move due to illness or injury, use your mind to imagine yourself exercising. At least, fifty percent of what you imagine doing in your mind is as real for the body as if you were actually doing the exercise! (I like that!)

* Commit to “feeling good” in body, mind and soul. Take one action and then build on that. Many of us will give to others what we won’t give to ourselves. Feel good by giving to yourself first and then donating or volunteering for a cause. (If you need a project, go to my website: Humanitarian Project in Mexico www.porlosninos.com).Be an inspiration, start a group, research, share ideas… think and affirm “Feeling Good.”

Humans thrive when they can feel beautiful inside, when they give from the hearts and know that they are making a difference and have a right to exist. Your health frequency will correspond to the “truth” frequency that your mind focuses on. Create words and pictures constantly affirming that you are feeling better and better every day. See yourself younger, healthier, stronger and happier. Before too long, others will be cooing, “I don’t know what you’re on but you look younger all the time!”