“Why is this happening to Leslie?” an anxious mother asked me during her psychic palm reading. When I tuned in through the mother’s energy to her daughter, I saw that a large part of Leslie’s soul was attached to a past life, one where her soul mate had been murdered before her very eyes. Still suffering subconsciously from that trauma, the daughter was now very ill and on the verge of death herself.

“Leslie needs to do a past life regression,” I advised the mother after relating to her what I saw.

“How do you do that?” she asked. “What is the process?”

“Regressions can be done individually or in groups, sitting or lying down,” I explained. “It takes about two hours. First I relax my clients with a gentle, healing guided visualization, while suggesting that they bring light into every cell of their bodies for physical healing and psychic protection. Then I suggest that their minds take them on a journey accompanied by their spirit guides to a past life. There they can each experience an important unresolved event followed by a reunion with loved ones from that time. If they so choose, they can also revisit who they were and what their lessons were at that point in their soul’s evolution. Afterwards, I bring them gently back to this reality and a conscious waking state. We then discuss and process what they have experienced so that they fully understand what their subconscious minds have shown them.”

“But what if it is just their imagination?” she asked.

“Even if there is no such thing as past lives and I am just making up the concept,” I responded, “the imagination is the mind. The scenes that they visualize are in response to what they are asking their subconscious. The imagery shows them, like a dream, literally or symbolically, what needs to be healed. And,” I added, “every mind has its own defence mechanism and won’t present anything that it cannot handle.”

Leslie’s mother left and promised to discuss a regression with her daughter.

One very common example of my clients’ motivation to do a past life regression is that they are suffering a very deep pain in a current relationship. In Leslie’s case, it was her guilty relationship with herself, and missing her soul mate.

For many, the pain and the issue will feel “old.” Unresolved relationships in one lifetime will often recur in a subsequent life–in different bodies, of course. Alternatively, similar destructive dynamics will repeat themselves in our significant relationships until we heal the unresolved guilt, betrayal or abandonment rooted in that previous life. The unloved child in all of us seeks to heal our gaping wounds. The soul always seeks wholeness. But first we have to love and forgive ourselves.

Until then, subconsciously, we will choose mates, bosses or friends who on the surface appear to be right for us—which they are in a way. On the deeper level, however, we are merely recreating these same top-dog or under-dog dynamics of the old unanswered pain. Then we wonder why our relationships deteriorate into the same unhappy ending. Gee, do you think we have a pattern here? And if we have a pattern–which by my definition is the same scenario occurring more than once—then we need to bring to consciousness what it is within us that is crying out to be healed.

The following questions are frequent motivations for my clients to seek out a regression:

1. Why is my life such a struggle?

2. Why am I terrified of certain things? For example, heights/intimacy/red trucks when I have no memory of anything that would create this fear?

3. What is my purpose for this life?

4. Why does this destructive dynamic always get in the way of my love for this person?

5. Why am I so afraid to have what I want, and realize my dream?

6. Is this all there is?

7. Who am I really?

8. Why does this same destructive pattern keep repeating itself?

9. Why do I have this disease/ailment?

10. How can I feel that I am truly in charge of my life instead of something/someone else driving it?

The answers to all these questions lie in the subconscious mind and body cell memories. By bringing these recollections, painful or joyous, to consciousness, the person will not only understand the entirety of his/her own being on a deeper level but also be able to release old negative programming.

More specific benefits can include becoming aware of the lessons that are ours for this lifetime, knowing our purpose. Some of my clients have been able to identify and release guilt from a past life which, in some cases, has allowed them to experience more creativity, love and/or abundance in the present. Understanding your soul urge for this life and the infinity of your soul throughout eternity can also give you a huge sense of peace.

In Leslie’s case, by doing a past life regression, she was able to relinquish her guilt and clear the “residue” cell memories of that trauma and move forward. From there, she chose to live and became well enough to lead a fully functioning life.

One day I envision that there will be a light sensory device that will be able to “read” our cells and provide information about who we were, the type of trauma we experienced and more details of past lives imprinted in our cells. But until that device arrives–or I invent it–we can access this information through past life regressions. Giving yourself this gift of understanding can release you from the drag of a nebulous past, and not just set you free in this lifetime but also allow you to reach for the sky in future lives.

So, for peace’s sake, why not do a past life regression?