One of the truths about manifesting is that we are manifesting anyway. Every day we manifest our outcomes based on thoughts that are floating around in all levels of our consciousness (six, the last time this intuitive checked). The challenge can be to manifest less of what we DON’T want.and more of what we DO want. We manifest what we THINK we deserve. Aye there’s the rub.

So how do we make sure there aren’t any sabotaging thoughts going on in our subconscious minds?

First, assess what you donegatively manifest. Then, work backwards to the core belief that created the outcome.

  1. Outcome: two people were rude to you today.
  2. Thought/Core Belief: I am guilty and deserve to be treated badly.
  3. If you can do a regular check up on your stinking thinking and change it to the opposite: I am loved and only deserve the best, what does that feel like now?

Now doesn’t that feel good?
Use this technique whenever you notice a negative or sabotaging thought.