Natasha Rosewood is trying to put herself out of business. Her goal as a psychic coach is to train others to tune into their own intuition, thereby making her skills redundant.

But for now, Rosewood_s abilities to get to the heart of a client_s issue, give advice, read palms and more _ all with a healthy sense of humour _ are in high demand.

The Sunshine Coast-based psychic is scheduled for monthly call-in segments on Mountain FM, she_s about to launch her own radio call-in show, her columns are published internationally, and she just released her second book. Rosewood has a large fan base in the Sea to Sky corridor, and Mountain FM named her the most popular guest of 2009 after her first appearance in November.

She said she thinks it_s her compassion and her goal to empower callers and clients that people are drawn to. Rather than tell people what_s going to happen, Rosewood said she works to give people the tools to listen to their own inner voice and trust themselves.

_I_m not a fortune teller_ I_m a psychic coach,_ she said. _I think people trust me._

With just a few seconds of hearing a person_s voice over the phone, Rosewood said she is able to _tune into_ the energy and essence of someone_s spirit. That, coupled with a caller_s question, gives her enough information to provide advice, help someone see something they_ve been missing, or even encourage someone to seek counselling.

Though she_s often able to pinpoint an issue, Rosewood admits she_s _not a psychologist._ She said she provides advice specific to the individual, and that might include writing a letter to a deceased relative, having an honest conversation with a parent, or finding an expert to talk to further.

_It_s all about moving the person forward to a healthier, more empowered state of mind,_ she said.

Originally from England, Rosewood immigrated to B.C. in 1983. She lived in Whistler for several years starting in 1991. A former flight attendant, Rosewood said in the past she resisted her psychic gift but has been practicing for 35 years. In 1995, she started to focus on her psychic skills full time.

Everyone has intuition, Rosewood said, and if it_s exercised like a muscle it can be developed.

Rosewood_s next Mountain FM call-in segment is scheduled for the morning of Feb. 26. She_ll also be doing readings that day at the Eclectic Circle in Squamish. Her online radio show launched on Saturday (Jan. 16) and a live show is likely to be scheduled in Whistler, she said.

For more information, and to order Rosewood_s latest book Aaagh! I Thought You Were Dead, visit