Rune Stones
These 25 oblong gray stones, each bearing one symbol, are, in fact, an old Viking alphabet. Lost for centuries, they have only recently, relatively speaking, been reintroduced as a way of divining. The Vikings used the various patterns of stones to read the oracle, not so much to predict the future, but to become aware of the energetic influences that were around at the time, and to thereby enable the diviner to make the wisest decisions based on that information.

The Rune Stones reflect energy presently being encountered: the challenges and the growth that need to be acknowledged before one can move forward. I often use the Rune Stones as a summation of the psychic reading and confirmation of my intuition. Anyone can purchase them along with The Book of Runes to do their own divining. Because the Rune Stones focus purely on growth and awareness, they do not pose much danger to the apprentice psychic or to a vulnerable psyche.