Great news! At my last Soul Talk at Wheatberries, Gibsons on “How To Bring Heaven to Earth” we raised enough to give some Mexican children in Zihuatanejo a little piece of heaven in the form of two real (not plastic) clarinets and a mouth organ. Small beginnings. Tracy Worner, from the coast is now expanding the program into a school! If anyone wants to get on board with this program and provide more musical instruments or other funding, please see the information on the Netza Project. Or I can put you in touch with Tracy Worner who is working with the children in Mexico.


I pledge to invest:

$25,000 per year | Jaguar Leadership Circle
$10,000 per year | Eagle Visionary Circle
$5,000 per year | Coyote Friendship Circle

We also accept tax-deductible gifts of:

$50 $100 $250 $500 $1000 or other amount

Forms of payment:

Checks, (Quarterly gift, Monthly gift), Credit card, or Automatic withdraw from checking. Automatic payments may be adjusted at any time by notifying The Netza Project in writing or by email.

“ The Promise of Education for All ”

Like millions of children around the world, thousands of Mexico ‘s indigenous and poorest children work in streets and fields to survive, instead of going to school.

• 61 indigenous languages are spoken by 12-14 million Mexican people, many of whom have had limited access to education in a nation where the learning and teaching language is Spanish.

• 25% of Mexico ‘s 108 million people live on less than $2 USD per day and innumerable families are “broken” and negatively impacted by migrant economic work & relocation patterns, as well as extreme poverty.

The Netza Project works to create sustainable and poverty-free futures by honoring indigenous language and culture, embracing diversity and equality, and building healing and empowering bridges of understanding and collective action across international boundaries. Literacy, partnership education, and voice are at the heart of our vision for a just and sustainable world.

Your partnership contribution not only continues equal-access support for the unique six-language Netzahualcoyotl School & Kindergarten for over 400 migrant and Aztec indigenous children, ages 3 to 12, in Zihuatanejo, Mexico, but also expands our programs to reach thousands of deserving children and adults with:

~ Construction and improvement of classrooms and multi-lingual libraries, open to all.
~ Delivery of thousands of pounds of books and learning materials.
~ Education advocacy, cultural exchange and teacher training.
~ Dormitory and orphanage care in Zihuatanejo and villages.
~ Nutrition, health and family assistance services.
~ Student scholarships for middle and high school, and beyond.
~ Women’s micro-financing, empowerment and multi-lingual adult literacy. ~ International volunteer cultural experiences for young leaders, educators, and adults.

Join us in lighting pathways of love, literacy and social justice for brighter, sustainable futures full of hope and promise, for all.

It’s easy to make a difference:

$50 = One student’s school enrollment supplies
$150 = Set of library books to feed hungry minds
$500 = Advanced student scholarship or annual care for dormitory child
$1,500 = Supports membership of 2 women in micro-finance and literacy
$2,500 = Vital teaching materials and annual classroom maintenance
$25,000 = Build and equip one secure classroom for 40 children

The Netza Project’s Founder & Executive Director is Lisa Martin. The Netza Project is a US 501-C3 charitable corporation & contributions are tax deductible. U.S. ID # 22-3275108.