Do you feel that the energies around you are intensifying lately? Global warming isn’t just a climactic change. Our emotional and spiritual bodies are also being impacted, and in a whacky way.

The energetic vibration is speeding up and because everything in our world is comprised of energy, we are feeling this acceleration. New and lighter ways—believe it or not—are emerging. Chaos always precedes growth and universally we are all going through a huge chaos/growth/transformation cycle. Oh joy! But the more readily we embrace this chaos/growth, the smoother the transition can be. Tips for surviving the next year/s with grace are:

* Live in the now. Let go of what you think the future might hold. You could be wrong.

* Be careful what you think. Your thoughts will manifest much faster now.

* Surrender and release your unsolvable challenges to your Higher Power.

* Don’t take life personally, whatever is happening.

* Take responsibility for how you see an event. At least, see it as a gift of learning.

* Keep faith in the long term despite how bad it looks now.

* Be open to the incredible.

* Know that pain is part of the journey and will accentuate your joy . . . eventually.

* Get your fear out of the way. Trust in eternity.

* Be prepared to let go of old ways.

* Breathe in pain; breathe out compassion, for yourself and others.

And remember . . . this too shall pass . . . if you want it to.

Natasha J. Rosewood is an international Psychic Mind Coach, Spiritual Healer, Workshop Facilitator, TV and Radio Personality, and Author of Aaagh! I Think I’m Psychic (And You Can Be Too). For more information on private, group and phone consultations, articles, speaking engagements, workshop events. Visit