When discussing the various ramifications of the date December 21, 2012 with my very witty nephew recently, he suggested I do a funny blog offering suggestions for all the inspired ways in which we could spend our supposedly last days on the planet before that deadline (‘scuse the pun!) Of course, I don’t believe these are our last days, but they do count.

As the energy accelerates and time seems to be flying by faster than a TGV train in France , my guidance is urging me, amongst other things, to slow down my thinking and actions as much as possible. Otherwise this speeded up energy can make us feel as if we are spinning tops, rotating faster and faster until we spin out of control. It is especially important for us all at this point to ground, to be still, to listen and to act on our own intuition.

Other information is coming through about how the earth is going through its expected cleanse. The old ways are coming to an end and what needs to be revealed is being brought out into the light so it can be healed. While it may appear that the world is going to you-know-where in a hand-basket, there is a strong possibility that these events are signs of cleansing. While many doomsayers continue to prognosticate destruction and the possible end of the world on 12.21.12., I choose to believe that if I focus on how heaven is coming to earth, it will. For if what we focus on expands, and the majority of us make the intention to live in bliss, then we can tip the balance towards the light of a heavenly experience. Of course, it’s your choice. But if you also choose to focus on bliss for the next 600-plus days until December 21, 2012, how might you change your world for the better? See Mantras at the end of the newsletter for suggested blissful thinking.