Many of us can get stuck in the traumas of life. Equally, some of my psychic clients reveal momentous emotional blocks that originated in past lives. These blocks can take the form of guilt, anger or fear. When a client is willing to delve into his/her past, I suggest a past life regression which allows the client to bring from the subconscious to consciousness an action replay of that trauma. Experiencing that difficult lifetime as a detached observer, the client gains an understanding of the original pain, thus allowing the person to let go of the terror, guilt or anger that keeps them stuck in the past and powerless in this lifetime. I recommend rewriting the script of that past to release the block. The client can then jump back into the driver’s seat of his/her life.

This gentle process is done in a serene environment and takes about one and one half hours. Allow another half hour for “coming back to earth” time.

Rates: $275.00 CAD