There wasn’t a dry eye in the fishing village of Zihuatanejo, Mexico on the evening of February 9 —including ours—when the United Nations representative awarded “Zih” the sole honor in Latin American of being the Center for Peace for Education. But we really bawled when the Ninos Adelantes (sponsored teenagers) sang Imagine in English.

Mary Ellen Jackson and Lorenzo Marbut, leaders of Por Los Ninos (For The Children) Foundation and many others have given time, dollars, services, talents and fundraised for the children of Zihuatanejo. 100% of funds goes to the foundation. Their mission? To eradicate poverty by facilitating education and creating peace.

In eleven years, 70 classrooms have been built. Meals, clothes, educational and art supplies, backpacks, toys and desks have been procured for so many children. (Sunshine Coasters have filled 26 suitcases!) A nine-year-old Arkansas boy was inspired to raise $21,000 to build a three-room school. He raised the money in just two years!

“When mothers are supported, the family is happy,” the UN representative stated. “A happy family creates a happy community and a peaceful world.”

Now my mission is to fill that nine-year old Austin Brown’s school with 95 desks ($4,000), 75 backpacks and educational supplies for a year. If a nine-year-old can build a school, can an adult community at large fill it? Yes, we can! Go to for the wish list or call Natasha Rosewood: 604 886 5718. Muchas Gracias! Peace be with you. You can also go directly go to and donate according to your wishes.

– Backpacks – Gently Used and Clean. Functioning Zippers
– Pencils
– Dry Erasers
– Crayons
– Maps
– Toys
– Educational Games
– Clothes
– Soaps and Shampoo
– Erasers and Sharpeners
– Paper
– Spanish/English Dictionaries
– Buttons (for uniforms and crafts)
– Art and Craft Supplies
– Dress Jewellery
– Books in Spanish
– Bras – gently used and washed.
This program empowers Mexican mothers to sell the bras and contribute 10% to their children’s educational fund.

These are photos of The New School to be built. We need $4,275 for desks!