Luxury!” As a Monty Python character exclaimed in the 4 Yorkshiremen skit where four men in tuxes sit around competing for their greatest childhood hardships. Although I didn’t live “in’t paper bag in’t middle o’t road” I can oh-so-relate to the “you were lucky” syndrome.

Turn your past into an even better future

Many of us are still invested in the past. Instead of wallowing in what we did or didn’t have, let’s make luxury a reality now—whatever luxury means to us! In my workshop Manifestation: The Secret They Didn’t Tell You turn your past into an even better future.

Come. Have fun. Invest in your present. Open up your heart to your greater Self. Free your unlimited mind. Get clear about what you want. Make a plan. Make luxury a reality.

Next workshops are April 18 in Kelowna and May 2 in Calgary.