As I observed the patterns and the seeming unpredictability of others’ lives, one question always plagued me. Is there an immutable design for a person’s life written in stone,

or can we choose our fate? Is there such a thing as luck where some higher being toys with us like figures in a chess game, or do we by definition of our own personalities

determine our future? I came to the conclusion that there are both free will and destiny. And with a heightened awareness, there is no fate that cannot be overcome. As I

read palms, I study the fate line, which arises either from the center of the palm near the wrist, or from th Mount of the Moon, the mound on the lower, outer side of the

hand. The fate line coming up from the bottom center of the palm is indeed an indication that the person has an Agreement, contract, kiarma or destiny to fulfill. The fate

line arising out of the Mount of the Moon signifies that the person can enjoy more free will and is, in effect, a freer spirit. In some ways, while having a destiny is somewhat

restrictive, it can be easier for some than having free will. Your life purpose and the characters in your movie are more pre-determined. What is yours will come to you. The

free will that you do have comes into play when you decide to learn the lessons that are presented to you. Or not. Just as athe person with a destiny to fulfill has some free

will, so in a similar paradox, does the free-willed spirit have a script. But rater than having all the details of the destiny filled in, the free-will script is more of an outline. Free spirits

choose how and when and with whom they will do the work. Some find this amount of freedom daunting while others enjoy the lifetime of all lifetimes. While their script still

includes lessons, there are no karmic ties to the past, not for this lifetime at least. Like everthing in metaphysics, there is a duality or polarity. Often clients will have a destiny

fate line and a line of free will, a branch that emenates from the Mount of the Moon and joins into the fate line higher in the palm. this means that, at some point in the life,

usually later when the lessons have been learned and the work is done, the person can enjoy a period of free spiritedness; A reward for work well done. YAHOO!

But whether you are in free will or destiny mode, know that you can change your challenges by rising above them. To do this, you will have to become spiritually awake, changing

the Agrreements on the subconscious and soul level.

So read on——-

From AAAGH! I THINK I”M PSYCHIC (And You Can Be Too)

Metaphysical Endnote 21