Sometimes, life gets to be just too much. Whether we are dealing with attempting to intervene with a beloved but hopelessly destructive person, help faraway victims of tsunamis or simply get our computer to cooperate, those feelings of helplessness can get us down. What’s a person to do? (Continued on blog)

Surrender, first and then pray. But—you might ask—what will praying really achieve?

Many people don’t really believe that the great one in the sky will grant you your wish. That’s possible. Not all prayers are answered in the way we request. Sometimes, it’s the way you pray that gets results.

Try this:

• Envision your desired outcome.
• Demand that the universe fulfill this need. Sometimes simply asking does not work.
• Feel the emotion of excitement, relief and gratitude of your desired outcome.
• Affirm in your mind that having this outcome is for the highest good of all concerned.
• Decide on a date by which this outcome will materialize. E.g. Friday at 3.00 pm.
• Let go and trust that your prayer is on its way.
• Relax until it is delivered.

Why does this work? Our thoughts are magnetic. What we decide we deserve will be ours. In my world, we are budding co-creators with God/The Universe. Life continually challenges us to step into our highest power—our happiness and joy—and use our imagination, thoughts and intentions to create our highest possible potential. So pray away.