My clients may tire of my mantra “keep the faith.” But in these unsettling times what happens to us does not depend on what’s going on “out there” but what we as individuals hold as true in our core beliefs. Our thinking has always and will continue to attract our reality. I choose to believe that a loving creator has better plans for us and our planet. Our willingness to trust our safety within these changes will make the difference between a heavenly or hellish ride for the next few years. It’s our choice.

A changing economy will be tough. Desperate times will motivate us to think out of the box, reinvent ourselves and adjust our lifestyles accordingly. Even if we have to revert to the horse and buggy for transportation and growing our own vegetables in the back yard, we will survive.

If we don’t want fear to wash over us like a tidal wave, but choose instead to ride the wave on a cushion of faith, there might be times when we need to ask our guides and our God to give us the courage to believe, to have faith in faith. Having certainty in a positive outcome could be our saving grace.

But what is faith?

Here is just one faith thought:

Facing fear with serenity.
Always asking for and expecting the good.
Invoking success without knowing the details of the how.
Trusting in a loving higher power.
Helping self while being open to being helped.

Natasha J. Rosewood is an international Psychic Mind Coach, Spiritual Healer, Workshop Facilitator, TV and Radio Personality, and Author of Aaagh! I Think I’m Psychic (And You Can Be Too). For more information on private, group and phone consultations, articles, speaking engagements, workshop events. Visit