What are the energy dynamics in your workplace?

We all want to feel safe. Understanding how a thing works gives us all a sense of security and trust in ourselves. So why not teach your employees how to acknowledge what they already know but are not using? What have you got to lose except time, money and good staff?

Your choices?

* Ego-driven, win/lose decisions or wise intuitive win/win outcomes?

* Competition-crazy, separation or joyful, team-spirited genius.

* Repeat the same mistakes or use your intuition for the most dynamic outcomes.

Successful business people “listen to their gut.”  sixth sense, feelings, intuition, the most powerful tool we have to guide us through life.

Why not acknowledge this instinct and use it in the workplace? How many decisions does an average businessperson make in a day? Fifteen? One hundred and fifty? Wouldn’t it save time, money and a lot of frustration if those decision-makers could make, and trust that they are making, the right ones? So whether it’s for the boss, for a team of salespeople or for the security guards,  dispel the negative beliefs that surround the word “psychic” and replace them with practical how-to’s of fine-tuned intuition.

Your productivity will rise because your workforce will make wiser choices and work together more cohesively, and before you know it, due to growth, you will be hiring more staff. Listening to intuition can only steer you and your organization in the right direction. This knowledge is power. It’s also fun, fascinating and fundamental to a firm financial future.