“What happens if I am happy, and everyone around me is miserable?” A radio call-in recently enquired.

“Good Question,” I responded. “There are several approaches you can take to this situation.”

First ask yourself the question; If like attracts like, and misery LOVES company-or just someone who will listen

-and I am attracting miserable people, is there a miserable part of me that needs healing?

Second, if these miserable people are bringing you down, and they refuse to be cheered up-and we all

know there are perennially miserable people who subconsciously revel in their own misery-then simply walk away.

Before you allow any guilt to sink it’s nasty tentacles into you or the “victim’s” attempt to impose any guilt on you,

remember we are all responsible for our own guilt and happiness. People choose to be victims or to be empowered.

Eventually after any trauma, tradgedy, or dysfunctional event, it is our responsibility to own our perceptions of

reality, and if necessary, get the help we need to resolve the pain and the gift of learning that the event brings.

Block clearing techniques I suggest, especially if the sabotage occurs unconsciously, are Past Life Regressions, EFT

(emotional freedom technique) and hypnotherapy. Daily affirmations, visualizations, and just plain gratitude are other

powerful tools.

“But how do YOU remain happy?” I asked the caller.

“I think I choose to be happy!”

“EXACTLY” I responded. “We can simply intend happiness. And so it is.”