As we get closer to Ascension and December 2012, whatever the interpretation we have for that date, we are being invited to make a choice. The line being drawn is between a higher and lower consciousness. We can choose to open our minds to more heavenly thinking and act from that higher, more beautiful, grace-filled intelligence . . . or we can continue to live in the darker world of lower consciousness and perpetrate one-up-manship, deceipt and violence as our modus operandum. This narrow, fear-filled thinking hurts us all, near or far as it creates a huge drag on the quality of our existence, starting with our economy.. But we can change our thinking.

The planet’s energy is accelerating and growing in intensity, amplifying our dark sides exposing that which needs to be rectified and healed. While I am personally dealing with some dark energies, (who have manifested in the publishing business) I also choose to promote thoughts of bringing heaven to earth. My Soul Talks this year are focusing on how we can do that. If the majority of us committed to bring heaven to earth, this intention would exponentially empower our health, our economy and our world.