As a New Year begins, this is an opportunity to begin again, in a higher vibration, with more compassion for each other and knowing that we have the power to create a new world, a heaven on earth. As Gregg Braden states in his book, The God Code, we find ourselves once again in the technological adolescence of our evolution as a human species. While we have been here before, and self-destructed, now we have a choice to aspire to a different and more joyously intelligent outcome. It is up to each and every one of us to shine our light into the world and dispel the darkness that has plagued us for centuries and has since manifested in wars, hunger and imbalance on the planet. For us to build a better world, it is the individual’s responsibility to contribute new thoughts. New beginnings demand new thinking.

So if what we focus on expands, let us shed our old habit of thinking about what we don’t want and focus more on the way we want our world to be. Our consciousness does create our reality.

1. Keep hope alive.
2. Stay in faith.
3. Commit random acts of kindness.
4. Do what you can, if you can’t do what you want.
5. Believe in miracles.
6. Envision world peace.
7. Shine your light.
8. Accept what is.
9. Love out of the box.
10. And remember that above the clouds, the sky is always blue and the sun is always shining.