“Hey, darlin’. Do you want to gaw waterskiin’?” I squinted up at the Bejan man who was barely keeping the sun out of my eyes. He had awoken me from my afternoon snooze. I remembered then. I was lying on a beach in Barbados where I was recovering from a rum punch overdose from the previous evening. “Yes, please,” were the words that came unbidden of my mouth. Waterskiing was something I wanted to try in this island paradise. But would I be capable?

In the shallow blue waters, the “look-out” helped me into the skis and then handed me the rope pull. “Jost sit back in de water, darlin’,” he instructed.

No problem, mon, I thought. But as the boat pulled away, I leaned backwards and fell. We tried again. I fell forwards. We tried again. I fell sideways.

After five attempts, the look-out was getting impatient. “Listen, darlin’,” he said as he leaned over the back of the boat, “dis am de last time.” He saw my disappointment and softened. “All you have to do is lean back in de water and let de boat do de work for you.”

So I relaxed into the movement and rhythm of the boat and let it pull me.

Years later, as a facilitator of intuitive development, I realize that we all have a boat pulling us through life. It’s called intuition. When we just relax into life and allow our intuitive senses to take us where we need to go, everything becomes so easy.

Written by Natasha J. Rosewood

Psychic Coach * Energy Wellness Consultant * Author * TV & Radio Personality