As we move into the year 2011 our entire global village is connecting with the energy of number 4. Even numbers typically represent stability, predictability, and a more conservative mindset. The physical energy of 4 helps us to bring ideas into tangible form and process. It demands patience, concentration, and attention to detail. Although progress is not dramatic, steady and consistent results can be achieved The 4 governs practicality, particularly in the area of survival and long-term security. It is a number of structure, organization, and work ethic. Since the components of this calendar year include two 1’s and one 2, some progressive ideas and innovative solutions will be put forward, in the area of health care, economic growth, and environmental concerns. However, with the dominant energy being from the number 4, new approaches could come under close scrutiny before we see the actual changes coming about.

Consumers on the whole will become more and more discriminating, and demanding in terms of value received for money spent. We may see that a larger sector of the population is saving money and making use of other strategies that will get them on the right track financially.

The number 4 is all about building foundations, strengthening existing foundations, and sending our roots deeper. People will be actively seeking a greater sense of belonging, and many will want to strengthen the family unit by maintaining a strong connection with their extended family. Businesses that will most likely do well in 2011 include garden centres, environmentally sustainable building materials, “green” household products, eco-tourism, professional organizers, efficiency experts, personal trainers, and accountants.

Remember that each of the numbers brings gifts and opportunities. This year each of us has the opportunity to make good use of the energy of 4 to increase our sense of security and strengthen our base camp. Happy New Year to all of you, and may you enjoy the success and productivity that comes with number 4.